The Danish Felt Union Course Weekend 2012

The Danish felt union Grima´s yearly international course week-end Every august the Danish felt union Grima has its yearly course weekend with 5-6 different courses. Usually most of the teachers will be from abroad and this year the teachers were: Evelyn Refsahl from Norway who is an expert in felting hats Dagmar Binder from Germany who teaches seamless vests Andrea Noeske-Porada from Germany who has a theme called: dots, stripes, lines and circles Doris Breuer from Austria who made skirts and me Birgitte Krag Hansen from Denmark who was teaching needle-felting of face expressions.

It is always something special to teach at these events where so many eager felt makers are gathered. I had a wonderful group of students who were so eager to learn and who also had a lot of fun during the course because of the many different expressions they worked with and they were very surprised of how simple it was to change from one expression to another. I have developed a special way to work with the face that makes it simpler to build he face up and then work with the colors and shadows of the face just like aquarelle technique. We use very little dots of wool and needle them into the flat background.

Here you can see several examples from the students work, and see how different they work with the themes: