This doll of the month is now again an animal (but suddenly there was two…). I have for a long time wanted to make a surikat and I have found a lot of photos as I use to do, when I want to make an animal, so I can learn how this animal looks in many positions and how it acts.

First I made a series of tiny little examples of surikats and they looked so funny standing around one of my human figures – a man sitting in his undershirt.

Then when I felt that I was confident with the nature of this animal I started on the bigger one.

First of all I needed to find good colors for it and the whole surface is made with the aquarelle technique where I needle little dots of wool on the surface and mix the colors while I work. Then it needed thin wire in the thin legs so it could get a good balance together with the tail that also has wire in it. When it was finished I got the feeling that you never see a surikat alone, so I had to give it a baby and that looks much more natural.

The size of the mother surikat is 23 cm tall. The size of the baby surikat is 13 cm