Mother And Child

This time there are two dolls – mother and child – and the idea for them came, as many times before, from the wool. I have made many different animals with this kind of wool and then suddenly these two beings grew out of the wool. It is lamb´s wool from my favorite kind of sheep – the “spelsau”.

The body shape is a cylinder and on that I have needled the chosen, most beautiful stables of spelsau wool and then the face is needled in the middle of all that wool and the hands and the feet. After the mother was finished I imagined how it would look with a little child, that was standing close to her and as you see, this small being is a little uneasy, shown by the finger at the mouth.

As usual it was such a nice experience to find the best place out in nature to make the photos of the dolls. I wanted to try to find a way to show how the little one was dependant of the mother, so one of the photos shows the child far away from the mother so you can nearly hear it cry out for “Mother…….”, and on the others the child keeps close to mother.

The size of the mother is 21 cm and the child is 10 cm.