Girl in the nature

This doll has a special construction. She has got a head and the upper part of the body with arms on, but no body below. She is ment to be used both as a sculpture in the room and she is also very good to play theatre with.

The construction is made so you can place her at the back of the sofa and she will look as if she came crawling up from behind the sofa. You can get the same effect if you place her in the bookshelf or in the windowsill.

Playing theatre with her is very easy. Just hold her with the face pointing away from you. Grip around her arms and start to move them. As she has wire in her hands you can bend the fingers in the position you like.

If you like, you can take different pieces of cloth and hang it under her while you act and it will give a good effect while you move her.

I have dyed her hair in colors that makes her look like a person from a fairy tale and her expression can be understood in many ways.
She is 12 cm high and 40 cm broad