Arctic Fox Baby

I took this little arctic fox baby with me on a tour out in one of the last snowy days this year in Denmark. I could not have been luckier because it was perfect to make photos of him in the forest. Many people had chosen that same day for a tour and they were very curious to see this little animal. He nearly looks alive when you see him there in the snow and he is also special because he is one of the models from my book “ANIMAL FELT”.

He is made with the technique that I developed for animals, where I study this special animal carefully and look at the proportions and then make the different parts of the body and needle them together in the position I want. This little arctic fox is looking a little shy to one side to show that he is not too confident with his situation. I love how the wool looks so pure, soft and transparent out there in the snow.

He is 30 cm long and 13 cm high